Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Our team at LoanSuite is fast, friendly, experienced and here to help you every step of the process!

Val Guzman photo

President - Ceo Val Guzman

Yonathan Gutierrez photo

Chief Operating Officer Yonathan Gutierrez

NMLS 1265822
Rick Rodriguez photo

Sales Manager Rick Rodriguez

NMLS 2116677
Amber Guzman photo

Loan Officer Amber Guzman

NMLS 1339326
Spencer Bauer photo

Loan Officer Spencer Bauer

NMLS 1712115
Yulianna Bojorquez photo

Senior Loan Officer Yulianna Bojorquez

NMLS 1096756
Jason B. McCurry photo

Loan Officer Jason B. McCurry

NMLS 2282434
Erika Gaytan photo

Senior Loan Officer Erika Gaytan

NMLS 1785493
Carlos Fuentes photo

Loan Officer Carlos Fuentes

NMLS 2357126
Yuri Silva photo

Loan Officer Assistant Yuri Silva

NMLS 1041581
Yovanna Valenzuela photo

Loan Officer Yovanna Valenzuela

NMLS 1564498
Abel Sanchez photo

Loan Officer Abel Sanchez

NMLS 2142373
Larry Navarrete photo

Senior Loan Officer Larry Navarrete

NMLS 670362